Please Note: I am currently providing ONLY telehealth video therapy sessions via a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing service to California clients. If interested, please let me know or click here for more information, and I pray you and your family stay safe during these challenging times.

Tricia Buttkus, LCSW - Professional Anxiety and Depression Counseling and Depression and Anxiety Treatment in Yorba Linda, Anaheim, and Brea, CA, CaliforniaLife is all about change. We all experience major transitions at various times in our life – new jobs and careers, new relationships, the birth of a child, parenting challenges with children and teens. With the high-tech society we live in today, our challenges are even greater, and our fight for our children needs to be proactive. Additional transitions we encounter while trying to maintain our value and importance include family illnesses, divorce, job loss, or retirement and the death of a loved one.

If you feel stuck, worried, anxious, depressed; if you, your loved one, or your child’s life no longer seems meaningful or things just don’t flow as easily as they once did; if you’re having difficulty changing an area of your life, you needn’t be alone. I will walk alongside you, together we will work through your present difficulties and help you or your loved one determine a personal life path of meaning and fulfillment. I will assist you or your child in creating the changes necessary to achieve a happier more satisfying life.

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Tricia Buttkus, LCSW - Licensed Psychotherapist
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